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Mass market: total entertainment market global, volume approx. USD 1.9 trillion p.a.

Big growth: Fast-growing, global market. Growth rate over the next 5 years = approx. 5% p.a.

Attractive license market. Impressive opportunities to establish an entertainment brand and monetize its popularity through licensing.

Billions are invested annually in so-called “original content”. Netflix (approx. 15 billion), AppleTV+ and Disney/Fox (approx. 18 billion each) USD p.a.

Every relevant game, song, ticket, picture, TV program, every film and text, every program that is sold consists of 0s and 1s once distributed for consumption. Exceptions prove the rule.

That’s why in the majority of all relevant business cases in the 21st century, entertainment is a data business – leaving merchandise and product licensing aside for a moment. Data is considered the “oil of the 21st century”. We view the IPs in which we invest as intangible assets, consisting of unique data sets.

Artfully put together to entertain people – by people, by machines (AI). Ready for an economic life dominated by data; in which digital goods dominate the movement of traded goods.

Let's create Entertainment together.



Sascha Seifert
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Sascha Seifert
Industry Analyst & Visualist, Managing Partner

We find, initiate, establish, market and monetize.

In this process, we create products that are more valuable than the mere sum of their components.



The utility analysis matrix we have developed combines 25 years of market experience and helps us to identify those IPs that are most promising in the market.


Initialize & Establish

We nurture every IP we acquire, create a market position for it, put our experience and knowledge from creativity and business life at its service.



Thanks to our access to a large network of distribution channels, we can drive growth and create value by monetizing market-ready IP concepts.



Attractive IP consumer products are entering the market.

We solve the markets problem - Dream workshop

There is a large market for us that is underserved with professionally managed content.

Our IP incubator/accelerator approach offers a new solution to one of the entertainment industry’s biggest problems: identifying, developing and establishing the “Next Big Thing”.

Impressive scalability of digital content on distribution platforms.

Our investments promise attractive ROIs.


Identifying new, promising entertainment IPs requires our expertise - from manufacturing to distribution. Demand is high: in 2019, approximately 1000 new IPs were commissioned internationally.

Professional support

Without proper support, entertainment IPs can hardly ever reach their full market potential. The few that do establish themselves fall short of their potential at lower valuations.

ESGs - Diversity

The product incorporates ESG principles into the investment decision-making process for each project and aligns with the UN's SDGs. It aims to incorporate all aspects of the agenda into the decision-making process to implement recommendations directly. Special emphasis is placed on diversity, as projects designed and implemented with diverse principles have been proven to perform better.

Exclusive: Decision making matrix

Our selection of IPRs we in invest in is based on our decision matrix, which has been developed, tested and successfully implemented over many years.  ​​It is based on more than 25 years of market and industry experience. The utility analysis matrix creates an objective point assessment (score) individually for each project.

Market conformity

If entertainment IPs are not built up thoroughly and in line with the requirements of the market, the distribution channels reject even very high-potential new products and instead prefer to recycle already established themes. = Great potentials are lost.

IPs explained

IP is the abbreviation for the English term Intellectual Property and stands for intellectual property or intangible assets. A definable economic asset that does not physically exist but still has measurable value. The ownership of IPs is defined by the control of the associated IPRs (= Intellectual Property Rights). The right to dispose of such IP rights is very similar to the right to dispose of company shares. IPRs are accordingly traded in a similar manner. In the media and entertainment industry, the term IPR stands for the usage and exploitation rights to a specific story or main plot idea.

The focus, our business area

Our focus is on family entertainment, the genre with the largest market share worldwide. With our work, we solve a common problem for many producers by helping to identify, enhance, develop and grow attractive entertainment IPs so that they can become international hits. The entertainment IPs we manage not only represent the entertainment products themselves, but also potential opportunities to generate attractive income through, for example, licensing agreements with licensees such as merchandising producers, toy manufacturers, textile manufacturers, the food industry, consumer goods manufacturers, etc. We are not a “film production”. We do not produce our content ourselves. We work with intangible assets.


Nicole Ackermann

Economist, Managing Partner

Sascha Seifert

Industry Analyst & Visualist, Managing Partner

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